Twila Belk is an author, speaker, encourager, consultant, and champion for writers. Since 2007, she’s worked closely with veteran author Cecil Murphey as his executive assistant and associate, which has provided a wide range of industry knowledge, connections, and experience. Twila is also a former bookstore owner and conference director. She’s had the pleasure of teaching at dozens of writers conferences across the nation and enjoys brainstorming and working with aspiring and established writers (

Editor, What’s Holding You Back?
What’s holding you back from entering your “Promised Land?” Fear? Unbelief? Giants? The Comparison game? Bad reports? Big buts? If onlys? Don’t get stuck wandering aimlessly in the wilderness. Learn how to take possession of the land.

Is Ghostwriting for You?
Have you considered working with authors as a ghostwriter or collaborator? Twila will discuss what it takes to add this to your skill set—the pros and cons, expectations, the process, and more. Not only will she share from personal experience, but she will also include lots of information from one of the most beloved collaborators in the industry, Cecil Murphey.

Book Proposals
Do you know how to advise a client who has been asked to send in a book proposal? In this class we’ll discuss the key components and how-tos of crafting a winning proposal. Help your client send in a proposal that stands out among the rest.