What Attendees Say about PENCON

Attendees are funny, real, and honest. I appreciate you all. The speakers overflowed with information and the conference was well-organized and friendly.”

“Oh my goodness, PENCON went way beyond meeting my expectations. I learned so much! I can’t wait for next year!”

I feel inspired by what I still need to do to get my freelance content editing business going.”

“I thought PENCON was beyond amazing! Very well organized. Very few technical glitches, great participation, not to mention great content. Super helpful. My business had been languishing for the better part of a year, but now I’m in full reboot.”

PENCON is the only conference where the other attendees get me. It’s so refreshing to be among like-minded editors who do what they do because they see it as a calling and a gifting rather than a job. I continue to be impressed by the generosity of the presenters and attendees alike. So much sharing.”

The live chat was wonderful because it allowed for fun, connection, camaraderie, and relationship with other attendees.”

As a new editor, I felt unworthy of editing anyone’s manuscript. PENCON gave me the encouragement that I needed to trust God with my editing journey. Between the sessions and the meeting with a faculty member, I left PENCON feeling confident in my editing abilities and excited to grow my editing business.”

“Even as an experienced editor, I learned a lot. I appreciated the interspersing of prayer throughout the conference and how some editors see their editing work as a calling and even as worship. It was powerful to be among a group that shares not only a profession but also Christian faith.”

PENCON is on my ‘do not ever miss’ list. I adore honing my skills, connecting with fellow editors, and being encouraged in what can be an extremely solitary profession. And all this under the blanket of prayer from fellow Christian editors? If you are an editor or are considering becoming an editor, I say this with my whole heart: you need this conference.”

Online conferences are great for people like me who have difficulty walking into a roomful of new faces, and a much harder time walking up to someone to introduce myself! Behind my computer screen, I could be bold, with so much to gain and nothing to lose.”

“I learned a lot about myself and what I love and what I don’t love, so it helped me define and focus in confidence and assurance that this is the right path for me. I’m redefining how I look for work and try to make my dreams a reality thanks to PENCON.”

“PENCON is a content-rich conference and an invaluable opportunity to gather with other Christian editors. I appreciate how each year the presenters help bring me back to the heart of the mission and call that I have. But they also provide concrete practical information. It’s definitely worth your time and money.”

“PENCON is a top-notch conference that offers a variety of topics in editing. It is reasonably priced and full of experts in the field that are inspiring and knowledgeable. I especially appreciate the ability to access the webinars after the conference for free. What you walk away with is encouragement, knowledge, and a challenge to become better!”

“From the opening worship song to the closing prayer, PENCON offers the Christian editor a chance to blend worship and learning with like-minded professionals. During the three days, we are encouraged to better our editing practices without being forced to defend Christian values or beliefs. Simply put, PENCON is a conference where we have the opportunity to grow in Christ as we grow as editors.

“PENCON is the highlight of my editing year. It’s the place I gather with professional editors who also share my Christian faith. It is the place to learn new skills (no matter what your experience level), to encourage other editors, and to receive encouragement as well. I can best describe the PENCON experience as nourishment to the call to edit for God’s glory.

“PENCON was everything I wanted in an online conference and then some. They really packed a lot of great content and networking into three days. The presentations were very informative and covered a broad range of editing and publishing topics. The presenters were quite entertaining, and the Chat was full of great conversation as well. Even a mega-introvert like me felt a sense of community and belonging.

“I learned much more about different specialties and also about how to excel as an editor in general. There was a wide variety of topics and speakers, and the Ask a Question and Chat features of Crowdcast allowed us to interact with each other and the speaker in real time. I especially appreciate having the seminars available as free recording in the month following the conference since my schedule prevented me from attending all the sessions live.

“I am much more likely to attend a virtual conference in the future. It went so smoothly.

“If you are an editor or are considering becoming an editor, I say this with my whole heart—you need this conference!