Susan K. Stewart teaches, writes, and edits nonfiction. Her passion is to inspire readers with practical, real-world solutions. Her books include Science in the Kitchen, Preschool: At What Cost? and the award-winning Formatting E-Books for Writers. Her latest book, Donkey Devos: Listening to Your Donkey When God Speaks, was released in 2021.


The Ministry of Editing: Our Role in God’s Plan
Our purpose is for a manuscript to glorify God. We do that by helping the gifted writer make the best use of what God has given them. How do we minister as editors? In this workshop, we’ll explore why prayer should be our foundation and why we should turn down some projects. We’ll also cover how and when we should mentor authors along with how and when we should tithe our time and skills.

Self-Publishing: An Editor’s Role
More of our clients are self-publishing. This session details an editor’s role beyond checking punctuation and style. We’ll talk about kinds of publishing, what types of books are self-published, what kind of authors self-publish, and what we should and should not do for our clients.


The Impact of Language (Be a Conscientious Editor)
Christian editors should always be aware of the impact words have on the reader. Being mindful of how some words and phrases affect the reader is as important as where the semicolon is placed. Often, we use familiar expressions without considering how another may perceive those word choices. Susan K. Stewart will show how to make deliberate word choices to meet the readers’ needs while allowing authors to convey their message without offense. Being a conscientious editor means we think about the impact of words on the reader.