Susan teaches, writes, and edits nonfiction. Her passion is to inspire readers with practical, real-world solutions. Her books include Science in the Kitchen, Preschool: At What Cost? and the award-winning Formatting E-Books for Writers. Her latest book, Donkey Devos: Listening to Your Donkey When God Speaks, was released in 2021.

Social Media for Editors 
Most of us have heard a social media presence is good for business. We question, though, how it is good for our editing business. Susan K. Stewart will take you through the various social platforms: well-known, lesser-known, and the new ones. This session is an introduction to how you can help clients use the platforms, how you can edit content, and how to use the platforms for your editing business. Susan will answer these questions: what to post, where to hang out, and how much information is too much information.

Well-Being for Editors: Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual 
Everyone talks about being stressed, having too much to do, and not enough energy to complete every task. Editors have the added burden of BIC syndrome. Plus, it feels as though professional and personal demands on our time are increasing. Susan was diagnosed with a chronic illness and needed to learn how to live and work in spite of it. In this session, Susan shares how she maintains healthy well-being through diet, exercise, and rest.