2016 Complete Conference Set




Complete set of conference audio recordings and presentation materials (as available) from PENCON 2016.

This set includes 21 sessions by conference faculty:
Bookmapping and Storybreaking: Developmental Tools for Editors (Kristen Stieffel)
Business for Editors 101 (Christi McGuire)
Challenging Clients (Jeanne Marie Leach)
Edit Your Business: Managing the Growth of Your Freelance Career (Ben Wolf, Catherine Jones Payne, and Chris Morris)
Editing Internet Content: Websites and Blogs (Susan K. Stewart)
Editing the Bones in Fiction, Parts 1 & 2 (Kathleen E. Kovach and Paula Moldenhauer)
Editing YA Fiction (Donna Stanley)
Get More Clients: Surefire Selling Techniques for Editors (Ben Wolf)
How to Be More Productive on Social Media (Laura Christianson)
How to Keep Your Focus When Life Gets Busy (Tiffany Amber Stockton)
Let’s Get Down to Business (Jonathan Stanley)
Marketing a Book on Amazon: 7 Tips for More Exposure and Sales (Shelley Hitz)
Navigating Taxes and Accounting in a Freelance World (Chris Morris)
Nonfiction Editing 101 (Christi McGuire)
Preventing Burnout (Susan G. Mathis)
Setting the Creative Foundation (Allen Arnold)
Step Away from that Donut! (Jonathan Stanley)
Surviving Different Author Personalities (Allen Arnold)
Work Smarter: Leveraging the Best Technologies to Improve Your Business (Catherine Jones Payne)
WOWful (not WOEful) Websites (Laura Christianson)
You’re the Expert: Attending Writers’ Conferences as an Editor (Catherine Jones Payne)

Also includes:
Friday’s Keynote: The Spiritual Life of the Editor (Allen Arnold)
Friday’s Faculty Panel Q&A
Saturday’s Keynote: Creativity for Christ: A Biblical Mandate to Have a Blast (Ben Wolf)
Saturday’s Faculty Panel Q&A
Presentation materials (handouts, PowerPoint, etc. as available)