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Impostor Syndrome: You’re Not the Fraud You Think You Are, Dori Harrell




One audio recording from PENCON 2018

Impostor Syndrome: You’re Not the Fraud You Think You Are
Dori Harrell


There’s a name for those inner lashings that plague editors and cause them to wonder if they’re frauds. It’s called impostor syndrome, and creative individuals in particular suffer from this malady that causes them to question their actions and doubt their abilities. But take heart! You’re not alone. And while you may not be able to entirely shrug off that negative devil sitting on your shoulder, you can help mute it with a positive angel on your other shoulder. This session is meant for newbie to advanced editors who often battle this inner turmoil and is meant to be an interactive, highly participatory look at impostor syndrome and ways to turn it into a positive for you and your business.

This session did not record correctly at the conference, so it was recorded afterward without the ending Q&A.Therefore, the individual price has been reduced.