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How a Book Is Made from Start to Finish, Kim Childress




One audio recording from PENCON 2018

How a Book Is Made from Start to Finish
Kim Childress


Using two books Kim wrote and edited during her time in Zondervan, this session will cover the differences between publishing a four-color book versus a standard black-and-white novel, while touching on different professions along the way. This session will review how a book is made, from start to finish, using visuals of picture books and novels in different stages of production. Kim will cover the differences in CBA vs. ABA, the importance of distinguishing opinion versus fact, and ethics and discernment in the media. The role of editor is explained in detail, including the back-and-forth process with the author, and then the relationship of the writer and editor, which includes trust, mutual edification, fun, blood, pain, tears, laughter, and joy.