Business for Editors 101, Christi McGuire, 2016




One audio recording from PENCON 2016

Business for Editors 101
Christi McGuire


Are you just starting out as a freelance editor? Learn the tricks of the trade from freelance editor Christi McGuire. As she mentors new editors, she gets asked questions about how to set up the business aspects of freelance editing, such as:

  • How should I charge?
  • How do I schedule out new projects?
  • How long will editing a manuscript take?
  • How do I know what I should specialize in?
  • How do I create contracts for clients?
  • How do I keep track of client info?
  • What resources do I need?

Learn the answers to these questions plus more tips that will put you ahead of your competition and, more important, help you become a competent, confident, and professional editor.