Paul Brinkerhoff (MDiv) is a senior content editor with Our Daily Bread Ministries in the US office and serves as editor for Words of Hope. He also provides editorial and consulting services through his business, Grace and Truth Communications. Paul and his wife, Beth, and their five children live in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Workshop Title: Devotional Editing: Helping Authors Help Readers Connect with God   Paul Brinkerhoff

Between copyediting and developmental editing lies the specialized skill of devotional editing, also known as content editing. If the author wants to grab the reader’s interest, focus their attention on Scripture, and lift the reader’s heart to God in gratitude, trust, and hope, what kind of illustrations are best? How much interaction with the biblical passage is needed? What tone works best for application? And how do you phrase that author query when the topic is too political, the transition invalid, or something theological gets flagged? Working behind the scenes, editors serve authors, readers, publishers, and Christ to help their authors help their readers connect with God. In this workshop, Paul Brinkerhoff will walk you through the task and process of editing daily devotional articles.