Lincoln Reed is a writer, filmmaker, and professor of film and media arts at Taylor University. His portfolio includes five years of professional ghostwriting experience and more than 60 published short stories. He holds an MFA in creative writing from Miami University (OH).


Editing Flash Fiction

A workshop for understanding the short story sub-genre of flash fiction, structuring flash fiction, and strategies every editor can use when helping a writer refine a flash fiction story. We will cover: (1) defining flash fiction, (2) structuring a flash fiction story, (3) challenges when editing flash fiction, (4) strategies for helping writers refine their voice in flash fiction.

Editing and Mentoring Writers of Short Fiction

A discussion of short fiction editing and how editors can best mentor new authors in the development of their voice. Short fiction is a wonderful, vast, and exciting market for authors and editors to interact and collaborate. This workshop outlines four elements that every short story needs, explores writer-editor collaboration, and discusses how editors can best help writers hone their artistic voice in the medium of short stories.