Kelley Way was born and raised in Walnut Creek, California. She graduated from UC Davis with a B.A. in English, followed by a Juris Doctorate. Kelley is a member of the California Bar and is an aspiring writer of young adult fantasy novels. She practices copyright, trademark and estate planning law at The Law Office of Kelley A. Way. Kelley can be reached at

Copyright Basics and Fair Use

Editors often grapple with questions regarding lengthy quotations or other content taken from outside sources, published and unpublished. Authors often rely on editors to alert them of potential copyright issues in their manuscript. But what are copyrights, and how can they be used to protect your clients’ work? When might an editor want to alert a client to a potential need for permission to avoid copyright infringement? And how does fair use tie in? This presentation will teach you what rights your client has, how to use them to your best advantage, and how to safely use other people’s content.