Katherine Hutchinson-Hayes, Ed.D., is a writer/content editor. She works for Iron Stream Media as a book coach/editor. She’s a sensitivity reader for Sensitivity Between the Lines and an editor/contributor for Inkspirations. She is the board’s vice chair for the 540 Writers community. Her writing has been published in Guideposts.

The Power of Networking
Networking is not just about gaining editing clients but also giving and creating a platform for God to bless us and increase our joy. Statistics prove that networking is vital in any career path. This is because the stronger our networks are, the better we do in our careers. We will explore the advantages of networking for editors and its impact on our personal and spiritual lives in a practical workshop. Attendees will also leave with tangible ways to network professionally that they can use immediately.

A Souled-Out Palate
Has God been trying to get your attention regarding what satisfies you? Do you struggle with depending on yourself, complacency, or another area in your life? Maybe you’ve sought to fill certain voids, but something tells you that you’re still hungry. Here are some examples: Does tension, worry, and anger fill you because you hunger for retaliation? Do you fill your day with busyness because you hunger to be satisfied with self-worth? Are you in competition with others because you hunger to be satisfied with recognition (even if it’s self-recognition)? Whatever you struggle with, God wants you to address it, and throughout the journey, he wants you to be maximized. In this workshop, learn how to be maximized despite life’s varying circumstances.