Recorded sessions will be available until June 30.

Jessica Snell is an editor with almost a decade of professional experience. She loves helping authors polish their projects so that their own voices shine through in a clear, compelling way. Her writing has appeared in Compelling Science Fiction,, Mysterion, Focus on the Family, Christ and Pop Culture, and more.

Onboarding and Offboarding Clients
Set yourself up for success at the beginning of a project, at the end of the project, and into the future. The success of an edit starts long before you open your client’s manuscript on your computer. There are steps you can take both before and after an editing job that will help you sign the right clients, complete their projects efficiently, and even set yourself up to bring in more work after you finish the job! This workshop will give step-by-step explanations of how to onboard and offboard your editing clients so that you—and they—are set up for success.

Finding the Constants in a Sea of Variables: Time Management, Organization, and Strategy for the Freelance Life
With a multitude of clients, potential clients, paperwork, and the work itself, the life of a freelance editor can feel chaotic! But it doesn’t have to. Even though the freelance life is full of variables—different clients, different projects, and paperwork that never seems to end—there are ways to channel these variables into reassuring constants. While the editing life will not always be easy, there are time management and organizational strategies that can make it manageable and calm. This workshop will provide both the big-picture view of the organized freelance life and the nitty-gritty details that make it work.