Estee Zandee

Estee Zandee is an editor at WaterBrook and Multnomah, where she serves a diverse list of authors committed to sharing practical and spiritually encouraging content. Previously serving in roles as a literary agent, and collaborative writer, Estee has worked on titles by David Platt, Michael Todd, Mark Batterson, and Lisa Bevere.

The Efficient Editor 
Editing a manuscript often takes longer than expected. This workshop offers time and energy-saving tricks that can make the process more efficient. Estee offers tips for editing quicker without compromising quality. Learn strategies to identify how and when you work best as an editor. She’ll also show you how to use templates and cheat sheets, utilize print and digital formats, and streamline the editorial process for faster turnarounds and better craft.

The Sacred Work of Editing
Few other careers sit at the intersection of creativity, accountability, and spiritual pilgrimage as Christian editing does. In this workshop, Estee explores editorial work as a call to steward beauty, goodness, and truth. She will offer insights on how we editors can compassionately hold authors accountable, serve the author and the reader, advocate for both, and encourage all parties–including ourselves–to pursue excellence.