Erin Taylor Young is an author, editor, and speaker who has taught workshops about writing and publishing at conferences across the country. She also produces and co-hosts the Write from the Deep podcast. She’s been a co-founder and co-managing editor of a small, successful independent publishing company, and she’s an award-winning humor writer whose books have been repeatedly accused of making readers laugh until they cry. 

Staying Focused on the Big-Picture Edit (Even If You’re a Detail-Oriented Person) 
Do you struggle to stay focused on overarching structure, tone, pace, and other big-picture issues when you’re doing a developmental edit? Do you sometimes get so engrossed in a great story you forget you’re supposed to be editing? Or do line edit or copyedit issues keep stealing your attention? In this workshop, you’ll learn strategies to deal with these challenges and use them to enhance your edit. You can be a big-picture editor, and you can do it well!

How to Nurture Hope 
What makes a manuscript inspiring? Hope. As readers develop new tools to improve their lives, or see characters triumph through adversity, or deepen their understanding of God and his world, hope makes readers believe their future will be better than today. As Christian editors, we have a unique opportunity to help foster hope in the manuscripts we touch. In this workshop, we’ll talk about what hope is, how it can be formed in human beings, and how to help nurture an underlying trajectory of hope within a manuscript.