Edwina Perkins is the Managing Editor of Harambee Press—an imprint which seeks to publish ethnic writers—with Iron Stream Media/LPC. She is the Mentoring Coordinator with BRMCWC and the facilitator for Sensitivity Between the Lines—a program which connects readers from marginalized communities with authors to help with the authenticity of the authors’ writing. She is a freelance writer to Guideposts Magazine and serves on the Word Weavers International Advisory Committee. In addition, Edwina is an award-winning writer, freelance editor, writing mentor, and a sensitivity reader.

Keynote: Armor of an Editor

As editors, we need to prepare for spiritual attacks. Ephesians 6 reminds us to put on the entire armor of God. The stories we edit can help writers impact generations to come and that’s a huge responsibility. This sessionwill introduce what it means to put on an editor’s armor and how we can battle along the sides of writers.

Workshop: An Editor’s Impact on an Author’s Words
In 1870, intentional misrepresentation of edits in a document from the King of Prussia to the French ambassador added to the tension between France and Germany and probably contributed to the start of WWI. Words have power and will cause change one way or the other. So can the ways those words are edited. We’ll look at our responsibility as editors to ensure an author’s writing is clear and effective and the different ways we can help them achieve those goals.