Edwina Perkins is the Managing Editor of Harambee Press—an imprint which seeks to publish ethnic writers—with Iron Stream Media/LPC. She is the Mentoring Coordinator with BRMCWC and the facilitator for Sensitivity Between the Lines—a program which connects readers from marginalized communities with authors to help with the authenticity of the authors’ writing. She is a freelance writer to Guideposts Magazine and serves on the Word Weavers International Advisory Committee. In addition, Edwina is an award-winning writer, freelance editor, writing mentor, and a sensitivity reader. Learn more at edwinaperkins.com.


Keynote: An Editor’s Identity Crisis

It is not unusual to be asked the question, “What do you do?” Individuals in our publishing family understand when we say, “I’m an editor.” Those outside of the industry may have a follow-up question like this: “So exactly what do you do?”

Most of us don’t drive to a nine-to-five job. We work from home, sometimes allowing the lines between family life and work to blur. Our roles may change from job to job, and income isn’t always a steady flow. In this session, I’ll address three areas that may cause an editor to have an identity crisis and look at how God views our roles as editors.