During his time as CEO of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, Eddie evaluated countless book proposals and learned to quickly gauge whether a manuscript has potential.  Eddie has a heart for authors and for great stories, and he offers brutally honest assessments of what sells in today’s marketplace. 

Coaching Writers
Although editors are not tasked with creating and managing an author’s brand, great editors should be able to offer guidance on what makes a solid platform. Most publishers expect a title to sell 10,000 units. In addition to the ability to edit nonfiction and fiction, editors must be able to draft press releases as well as write back cover copy and author marketing materials. Editors are expected to know trends in new software and, in many cases, use these tools. Great editors can quickly evaluate story, voice, platform, and determine when a project is polished enough to submit to a publisher.

Publish Your Client’s Book on KDP
In this workshop, Eddie will go through the Kindle Direct Publishing process step-by-step so you’ll be able to offer your clients the help they need to publish on Amazon.