Claire Tucker is a copyeditor and proofreader who works with authors to achieve excellence. Her editorial strengths include helping authors hone their voice as well as heightening suspense at a sentence level. Claire also enjoys helping authors learn more about the publishing process and how to write powerful prose.

Editing for Suspense at a Sentence Level

In this workshop we’ll discuss how to heighten suspense and increase tension at a sentence level in any genre. We’ll cover the difference between the suspense genre and narrative suspense and why these writing tools apply to every genre, not just thrillers and suspense.

Generative AI and the Publishing Industry

This workshop will look at generative AI and its impact on publishing. We’ll cover the following topics: (1) definition of AI, (2) definition of Generative AI, (3) basic uses of generative AI, (4) copyrights and AI-generated material, (5) advice to give clients, (6) ways editors can use AI in their business.