Recorded sessions will be available until June 30.

Burton Laine has presented at local, regional, and national conferences. He has presented at several writing groups and conferences. As part of a youth leadership ministry Burton and his wife, Debra, have spoken at several national denominational conferences and educated young church leaders through Christian Camping International in Russia.

As a magazine editor, he has related his stories to many groups and educated other editors speaking at a national publishers conference. As a former senior vice president of an advertising agency, he spoke to business groups about public relations and marketing and was a speaker at the National Conference on Database Marketing. As an Assistant Professor and County Extension Agent for the University of Minnesota Extension Service, he presented on a variety of educational topics to local and statewide groups in Minnesota.

Burton has a Master’s degree in Adult Education. He is a PEN Gold and CEC member.

Keynote: Lessons from a Sheepdog
Stories of how a unique sheepdog works with her sheep show how depending on the Father makes us better editors who relate well to clients. These stories will be combined with real-life editing and client experiences on everything from a discerning spirit to stopping the worries to demanding attention to rest.

Workshop: Promoting Editing—A Marathon, Not a Sprint
One of the most common questions on the PEN Loop is “What can I do to get more editing projects?” Whether we call it promotion or marketing, it needs to be approached as an ongoing process like a marathon instead of a sprint. It takes a creative promotion approach to assure a consistent flow of editing projects.

This workshop will discuss (1) when to think about marketing, (2) the type of promotion that matches our skills and personality, (3) the time investment we need to commit to and maintain an editing career, and (4) creative ways to promote that aren’t commonly used.

Selecting promotional avenues that work together saves time and more efficiently brings in ongoing work. The promotional marathon takes practice, building endurance, and tracking each milepost along the way to a successful finish.