The life story of Athena Dean Holtz is the tale of a search for affirmation, meaning, and significance that trapped her in spiritual deception and caused her to lose everything she had. Out of the great loss of her marriage, family relationships, home, reputation, and twenty-year career in publishing after thirteen years in a toxic and restrictive cult has come great restoration. Athena Dean Holtz now uses her growing and multi-faceted platform to encourage and uplift others through sharing the faithfulness of God.

Her turnaround story continues. The founder and publisher of the collaborative custom publisher Redemption Press has recently been named Publisher of the Year (2022) by the Soul Cafe Awards and Best Christian Workplace (2021 and 2022) by the Best Workplace Institute. The Redemption Press offices house a cozy and elegant Christian bookstore in a hundred-year-old bank building on the busiest corner of historic downtown Enumclaw. The acclaimed She Writes for Him writer’s online events and community birthed out of the pandemic continue to connect, inform, and inspire writers across the globe. The next She Writes event is the Roar Marketing Conference, coming up in October!

Keynote: Knowing Your Client’s Enemy
If your clients are writing something that will build up the kingdom of God, they are surely having thoughts such as Who do you think you are, writing for God? or No one wants to hear your story. The enemy of our souls will do anything to keep believers called to write from sharing what God has done in their lives. While we don’t need to focus all our attention on him, we do need to understand his tactics and strategies that easily sidetrack not only our clients but also us editors—those who are called to help them tell those stories well. Athena Dean Holtz will share what she has learned about the guerilla warfare ploys Satan uses to attempt to silence us.

Workshop: Strong Words for the Writer: Accuracy, Certainty, Transparency
To be lights in this dark world and for the words our clients write to transform readers, we must do our part to ACT, realizing that God is working in us to achieve accuracy, certainty, and transparency. Discover three core concepts to ensure the words you edit are aligned with God’s good purpose.