Recorded sessions will be available until June 30.

Amy Nemecek is a nonfiction editor for Baker Publishing Group. She has 25 years of industry experience in both in-house and freelance capacities. Amy’s poetry has appeared in journals such as Relief, Presence, and St. Katherine Review. Her book The Language of the Birds and Other Poems was awarded the 2021 Paraclete Poetry Prize. When she isn’t working with words, she enjoys going for long walks in nature, birdwatching, and following Chicago Cubs baseball.

Building (and Keeping) a Relationship with a Traditional Publisher

What’s the best way to land freelance editing and proofreading gigs with a traditional book publisher? And once you’ve landed a gig or two, how can you ensure that publisher will want to keep sending more projects your way? Learn how communication, curiosity, and confidence are key strengths when it comes to retaining traditional publishing clients. This will be a straightforward conversation about freelancing dos and don’ts that can make or break your connection to publishers. The presenter’s unique perspective as someone who has navigated both the in-house and freelance realms makes this an invaluable workshop.

Go Fetch! Maximize Editing Efficiency Using Macros

For many wordsmiths, the thought of using macros in MS Word is intimidating. But macros can save editors time and keystrokes. Attendees will learn what macros are and how we can use them to maximize editorial efficiency. The main portion of the workshop will be a practical, step-by-step walkthrough of how to install some basic fetch macros in Word and set up shortcut keys to make them as intuitive to use as pressing Ctrl+A. Attendees will come away with greater confidence in their abilities and with resources for continued learning in this area.

[Note: Presenter will be working on a PC, but the same principles apply in Word for Mac.]