Are you wondering if editing is right for you?

Would you like to brush up on your editing skills or learn something new?

Are you an established editor looking for some face-to-face connections?

Are you an editor seeking an editing community or continuing education?


Please join us to learn from industry professionals and network with fellow editors from beginners to seasoned professionals around the world!

“PENCON 2021 energized me with new ideas. The speakers presented their topics with expertise and encouragement. And the fellowship helped me to not feel so isolated. A big THANK YOU to the organizers for pulling this off without a hitch!”
“I learned enough practical tips to help me shape my work and marketing to make me satisfied with the conference.”
“Writing is usually lonely work. Freelance editing can be even more disorienting because you are now a solopreneur. PENCON helps us connect with others who understand the joys and stresses of a life focused on shaping words as Jesus’ people. Rarely have I experienced the kind of camaraderie we instantly have just knowing we are working in the same field. Then, on top of this encouragement, the speakers present all kinds of practical skills and guidance for every aspect of our work. If I could only attend one conference again, this would be the one I choose.”
“PENCON is a top-notch conference that offers a variety of topics in editing. It is reasonably priced and is full of experts in the field that are inspiring and knowledgeable. I’ve immensely enjoyed both times I’ve attended. I especially appreciate the ability to access the webinars after the conference for free. What you walk away with is encouragement, knowledge, and a challenge to become better!”
“PENCON is wonderful! It’s my favorite editing conference in the world, and I never want to miss a single conference.”
“Thank you, PENCON planning team, for the heart and soul you gave to make PENCON a smashing success! I learned so much and truly enjoyed meeting all of you. Online conferences are great for people like me who have difficulty walking into a roomful of new faces, and a much harder time walking up to someone to introduce myself! Behind my computer screen, I could be bold, with so much to gain and nothing to lose. Now, when we convene in the flesh, I will walk into a room full of friends.”
“I thought PENCON was beyond amazing! Very well organized, very few technical glitches, great participation, not to mention great content. Super helpful. My business had been languishing for the better part of a year, but now I’m in full reboot. So it came at a great time.”

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PENCON is a division of Christian Editor Network
The only annual conference for Christian editors
We equip and encourage Christian editors in cooperative competition through networking